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Monthly Service Plans

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Service plans that scale to your needs

We understand your business is dynamic.  While much of tax and accounting can be boiled down to recurring, cyclical tasks that can be scheduled well in advance, we know that much of your business consists of responding to the unexpected, which usually can’t wait.  We’ve found that business owners need a sounding board during these times; sometimes asking the Internet just isn’t an option.

Once subscribed, we’ll schedule recurring meetings to make sure that you are taking time to step out of the business and understand how you are doing.  We’ll also plan and implement strategies to maximize tax savings and automate your business processes as much as possible.  Finally, when things happen that can’t wait, or you just need to pick our collective brain, you’ll have access to our team members for immediate routine on-call advice.  Call, email, or schedule a meeting directly to one of our calendars.  And get all of this as well as your basic tax accounting needs for a fixed monthly fee with no surprise billing.

We’re growing, and so are you.  You may not need a virtual CFO during the startup phase, and it might make more sense for you to do your own books for a while, or to hold off on a complex tax plan until you are generating consistent cash flows.  We’ll be ready when you need to level up!

Tax Services:

Tax Reporting

$2,100 annually / $175 per month*


Tax Preparation

  • Prepare individual tax returns and tax calculations for business owner(s)
  • Prepare business tax returns
  • Safe harbor estimated tax payments

Protection Plus © Membership

  • Three-year IRS audit assistance
  • Tax penalty reimbursement up to $2,500
  • IRS tax fraud assistance
  • Identify theft restoration
  • Tax debt relief
  • Discounted legal care

*First year fees will be prorated based on start date

Tax Planning

$2,700 annually / $225 per month*

Includes Tax Reporting plus:


  • Reasonable compensation study when needed
  • Prepare 1099s at year-end (up to 5)
  • Estimated tax & withholding calculations
  • Routine correspondence assistance

Annual Tax Planning Meeting

  • Annual tax planning strategy meeting (Q3 or Q4)
  • Includes current year tax calculation

Routine Advice (Light)

  • On-call unscheduled support for routine questions*
  • *Generally limited to 15-30 minutes per month

*First year fees will be prorated based on start date

Strategic Tax Guidance

$ 3,600 annually / $300 per month*

Includes Tax Planning plus:

Quarterly Tax Strategy Meeting

  • Review financial performance and tax implications
  • Develop, implement, & adjust ongoing tax plan
  • Provide updates on current tax law changes
  • Review key performance measures & benchmarks

Routine Advice (Unlimited)**

  • Accounting treatment for specific transactions
  • Taxability or deductibility of specific items
  • Best practices for maintaining books & records

*First year fees will be prorated based on start date

Accounting Services

Accounting & Payroll Setup

$1,500 one-time fee


Accounting System Setup

  • QuickBooks Online
  • Set up chart of accounts
  • Training key employees
  • Best practices & annual compliance calendar
  • Three months on-call support

Payroll Setup

  • State registration and account setup
  • Onboarding with Gusto, leading payroll service
  • Transfer employee data including: Withholding, YTD payments, and benefits


$500 / month*


Full-Service Bookkeeping

  • Import and categorize transactions
  • Reconcile bank and credit accounts
  • Customized monthly financial reports
  • Monthly check-in for routine bookkeeping questions

Gusto Payroll Services**

  • Subscription directly with Gusto
  • Quarterly & annual reporting
  • Free direct deposit & employee log-ins
  • Support with ongoing employee, payroll, & benefits
  • Assist with correspondence from payroll authorities

*Includes 2 accounts. Discounted fee for client-categorized transactions.

**Billed directly by Gusto

Virtual CFO

Fees vary based on needs


Virtual CFO Services

  • Strategic financial leadership
  • Analyze financial performance against your goals
  • Review industry data and benchmarks
  • Revenue recognition services
  • 12-month forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • Resource planning
  • Department performance
  • Manage relationships with banks and vendors
  • Project management

Additional Services Available

  • Process invoices and receipts (A/R)
  • Process bills and payments (A/P)
  • Receipt and credit card tracking
  • Systems & process optimization